The pregnant Hangry Wife

It’s been a while since we arrived home from our U.S adventure, and while I had every intention of continuing to post regularly, those good intentions got sucked up by the scary-noisy vacuum nozzle that is the pre-Christmas lead-up. Work got crazy. Weekends were packed out. And amongst all of that, I got busy working on a very different project. The truth is, […]

Yosemite: Deer and Bobcats and Bears, Oh My!

My Girl Guide career was brief and largely underwhelming. I was good at three things: making fires, scaring the shit out of the other girls with late-night ghost stories, and playing ‘spotlight’. I sucked at putting up tents, taking down tents, washing up camp equipment in the dark, tying knots, and using a compass. I […]

An American Road Trip

I contemplated skipping the details of our Grand Canyon > California City > Bakersfield>Fresno>Oakhurst> Yosemite road trip and just running with ‘TA DA! Now we’re in Yosemite!’. But the trip had some interesting highlights/lowlights. Also, I suggest that as you read the following you should have the theme music from National Lampoon’s Vacation on repeat in […]

Santa Fe: Chile, Coyotes and Cowboy Boots

My experience of farm life has been fairly limited up to this point. When I tell people I’m originally from the country, they often presume I grew up feeding chickens and milking cows. In reality I grew up on a quiet suburban street in town, and the only real brush with farm animals I ever […]

Eating New Orleans: Gumbo Takes All

Before I visit a new place I usually have a misty, half-formed idea of what it’s going to be like; what it looks like, what the people are like, the general vibe of the place. Sometimes my preconceived notions are pretty accurate and the place is what I envisioned. But sometimes I get a surprise, and […]

New Orleans Y’All

Halloween is a big deal in New Orleans, second only to Mardi Gras. In fact, with it’s Voodoo heritage and lots of interesting (and sometimes violent) history, New Orleans has a bit of a rep for being the ‘most haunted city in America’. Plus they throw a big-arse party that involves thousands of people in […]

Washington: Canberra’s much older, better-looking sister

Thursday morning we were up at 4am to catch the Amtrak train from New York to Washington. I have to say, the cross-country trains here are decidedly nicer than Australia’s Countrylink service. You can sit in a quiet car (where people who hate the incessant noise made by other people/loud-chewers/tuneless whistlers/verbal-vomiters congregate together to sit […]