Yosemite: Deer and Bobcats and Bears, Oh My!

My Girl Guide career was brief and largely underwhelming. I was good at three things: making fires, scaring the shit out of the other girls with late-night ghost stories, and playing ‘spotlight’. I sucked at putting up tents, taking down tents, washing up camp equipment in the dark, tying knots, and using a compass. I […]

An American Road Trip

I contemplated skipping the details of our Grand Canyon > California City > Bakersfield>Fresno>Oakhurst> Yosemite road trip and just running with ‘TA DA! Now we’re in Yosemite!’. But the trip had some interesting highlights/lowlights. Also, I suggest that as you read the following you should have the theme music from National Lampoon’s Vacation on repeat in […]

The Inevitable Packing Dilemma

Maybe not so much a dilemma as an anxiety-provoking experience for a longstanding Type A over-thinker who just wants to strike the right balance between ‘I’m going to freeze to death’ and ‘what the hell were you thinking?’. My first ever trip overseas was a classic case of the latter. My bulging backpack included an emergency poncho, an […]